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Welcome to Afro Drips!

Where Fashion Meets Sustainability

Afro Drips is a visionary apparel company established in 2020. Founded by a passionate individual with a background in graphic design and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Afro Drips has transformed from a creative outlet into a leader in innovative and sustainable fashion.

Our unique designs draw inspiration from diverse experiences and collaborations, reflecting our commitment to quality, creativity, and social responsibility. We prioritize the use of organic and recycled materials, actively working towards a more sustainable future for fashion.

Join us on this journey! Express yourself through our collection, featuring graphic tees, hoodies, and accessories, all designed to celebrate your individuality. We believe in the power of fashion as a form of self-expression, and we strive to create timeless pieces that reflect your unique style and values.

DJEZ1 Drops Limited Edition Collection for Flirt Sundays!

Gear up for an unforgettable Flirt Sunday experience with DJEZ1's exclusive collection, only available at our store!

Immerse yourself in the extravagant atmosphere of Flirt Lounge, curated by DJ extraordinaire DJEZ1. His electrifying beats meet meticulously crafted fashion in this limited-edition range, designed to turn heads and ignite your night.

Don't just attend Flirt Sundays, own them. Stand out from the crowd with DJEZ1's unique designs, each piece a reflection of his pulsating energy and the captivating Flirt Sunday vibe.

Check out more of DJEZ1's captivating creations in-store, and let your style become the soundtrack to your next unforgettable night.


BIRKEY Freedom Wide-Leg Pants

Discover the embodiment of freedom and playful spirit in our 'BIRKEY Essence' Unisex Wide-Leg Pants. Crafted for comfort and versatility, these pants feature a monochrome palette alive with the mingled silhouettes of birds in flight and monkeys at play. Designed to move with you, the flowing wide-leg cut ensures ease with every step, while the unique patterns invite conversation and express a connection to the wild, carefree elements of nature. Perfect for those who stride with confidence and carry the essence of both the earth and sky in their style.



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